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The "Blair Obituary Project" is a fully searchable database containing Blair and Blair related obituaries collected from newspaper clippings, funeral home files, personal research files, various Internet websites and many, many library obituary index files and the related local newspaper microfilm rolls. This database is being presented on the BSGR website, in the Members Only area, for the exclusive use of currently active members and all Life members. The database contains over 2,800 obituaries and is updated as the next 200 - 300 obits become ready. Some are highly informative with not only data on the deceased but family connections, names and places, to three generations plus some personal history and accomplishments. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of obituaries in this database that are less perfect, including some that even exclude the exact death date. In those cases, a death date might be determined from the date the obit was published, a calendar of the specific year and then the reference to the day of death in the obit. Click the button below to view an actual search result taken from the obituary database.

Search Result

As a service to non-BSGR members (and to wet your appetite), the BSGR is providing a searchable index to the Blair Obituary database here in the public area of the BSGR website.


Database Updated August 27, 2014
(2,800 Obituaries)

You may search any one variable or a combination.
See "Search Rules" below

Last Name
First Name
Death Year
Death Place
Birth Year
Birth Place



1. The search will look for records BEGINNING with the word, letters, or numbers you type into the search fields. For example if you type Bla in the Last field the search will return all obituaries where the last name begins with Bla. This would include Blair, Blake, Blare, etc. If you type 192 in the "Death Year" field the search will retrun all obituaries where the death year was between 1920 and 1929.

2. If you use more than one search field, the search will return those obituaries that match ALL the selected criteria. For example if you type Oh in the "Death State" field and 193 in the "Death Year" field the search will retrun all obituaries where the death state began with Oh AND the death year was between 1930 and 1939.

3. "Death State" and "Birth State" include states within the United States as well as counties if the death or birth was outside the United States. States use standard 2 letter abreviations, counties are spelled out. You can type in the first few letters of a country.

4. Clicking on "submit" without entering anything in the search form will give you ALL the obituaries in the database.

5. Each page of results contains 25 records (unless there are fewer records to display). The current page number and total number of pages is displayed at the bottom of the page.

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