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Digital Image Archives

Blair Society for Genealogical Research
Digital Image Archive

This compilation contains a description of each Digital Image made from photographs included in the Blair Society Photographic Albums Volumes I, II, and III archived at the Atlanta History Center, Atlanta, GA. We have produced a Digital Image for the majority of photographs in the archived albums, although the Digital Image Archive is not all inclusive. Due to the subject matter or photographic quality of the material in the photographic albums, various items were not included in the Digital Image Archive. The identifying information in the description, for the most part, was provided by the individual who donated the material or from information noted on the photographs. The Society compiler has in some cases verified information from Society sources where conflicts were noted and has made additional comments where conflicts still exist. However, the Society makes no claims for the validity of the information submitted and recommends additional research when warranted. The description of the Digital Image is not intended to provide detailed genealogical information which may be available from other Society publications or sources.

The original soft cover version of the Digital Image Descriptions was produced in August 1998, by the compiler, Raymond H. Stoudt. This PDF version is a revision of the original and includes a Photographic Thumbnail of each Digital Image. The document has been split into 3 PDF files (Vol 1, Vol 2, and Vol 3) in order to keep the size of the files manageable. A 4th PDF file contains the order form and information on how to order printed or electronic copies of images in The Digital Image Archive. If you have questions about the Digital Image Archive or this document you may contact Raymond H. Stoudt, BSGR #673, e-mail rhstoudt@aol.com.

The Digital Image Archive is maintained exclusively by the Society Archive Committee.

Explanation of Digital Image Description Format

Every effort has been made to describe the photographs in the Digital Image Archive Collection to the fullest extent possible. The identification of individuals is made relative to time, place, and circumstance. The explanations below will aide your interpretation of the Digital Image Description statements.

BSGR notes or additional comments by the complier are enclosed within [brackets].

Family Relationship with people in the same photograph is enclosed within (parentheses).

Family Relationship with people not in the photograph is enclosed within [brackets].

Reference made to another photograph in the Collection is enclosed within [brackets]; or if reference is made within an [additional comment then it is enclosed within (parentheses)].

Maiden names are enclosed within (parentheses).

Additional married names are enclosed within [brackets].

Note:Unless otherwise noted digital image is at a resolution of 300 pixel/inch at 100% of original print size and is saved in JPEG File Interchange Format.

Definition of File Formats

JPEG - Joint Photographic Experts Group (.JPG file)

TIFF - Tagged Image File Format (.TIF file)

Digital Image Archives
The following files required Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.
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Digital Image Archive-Introduction.pdf
Digital Image Archive-Vol1.pdf
Digital Image Archive-Vol2.pdf
Digital Image Archive-Vol3.pdf
Digital Image Archive-Order Form.pdf

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