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Blairs in the Revolutionary War

Charlotte has service records for the following BLAIR men who served in the Revolutionary War. Those marked with an check indicate that these men have been identified as to wives, families, etc and she has more exact dates and information on them. In some cases she also has proof of NON-service (especially in the state of PA).

When a number appears in ( ) it means that Charlotte has that number of records for service by men of that name. Many of these men have not been identified and in some cases duplicate records may (or may not) refer to the same soldier serving at different times and in different units. In a very few rare cases these are "service claims" based on family traditions for whom no actual service can be verified, but the vast majority of these records as based on verifiable service dates and units.

We are actively seeking identification of those not yet identified. Please include your BSGR membership # in all e-mail if you are a member. If you are not a member (why not?) please tell Charlotte that so she doesn't spent time searching for paperwork that does not exist.

Name State Comments
check Abraham New Jersey 1756-1846 wife: Elizabeth Leech
check Absalom Massachusetts 1741-1811 Wife: Martha Young
check Adam Massachusetts 1757-1840 Wife: Martha Thrall & Thankful Black
  Adam South Carolina  
  Alexander Georgia  
check Alexander Massachusetts 1739-1825 Wife: Elizabeth Marr
check Alexander Pennsylvania  c 1734-1798 Wife: Elizabeth Cochran
check Alexander Pennsylvania  1763-1824 Wife: Sarah Ralston
check Alexander Pennsylvania   c 175-1821 Wife: Rachel Carson
  Alexander South Carolina  
  Allen New York  
check Allen Virginia 1754-1835 wife: Mary Ann Staples
check Andrew North Carolina c 1758 -c 1765 wife: name unknown
check Asa Massachusetts 1756-1831 Wife: Mehitable Carnahan
  Asa Massachusetts may have died single. Further ID needed
check Archibald Virginia 1753-1824 wife: Mary Whiting
  Archibald Virginia  
  Benjamin New Jersey  
check Brice Pennsylvania  c 1762-1813 Wife Nancy McCoy
check Charles Pennsylvania  1753-1810 wife: Mary Irwin
  Charles Pennsylvania  
  Daniel Virginia  
check David Massachusetts 1749-1779 wife: Miriam Boies
check David Pennsylvania  1745-1806 wife Jane Warford
  Edward Massachusetts  
  Edward South Carolina  
check Ezekial Massachusetts 1742-1789 Wife: Elizabeth ___
  George South Carolina  
  George Pennsylvania  
  Henry Virginia  
  Hugh Massachusetts  
check Hugh North Carolina 1718-1783 wife Mary Dawson
  Hugh Pennsylvania  
check Isaac Massachusetts 1741-1801 wife: Bathsheba Frost
check Jacob Massachusetts 1735-1815 wife: Martha Gilmore
  Jacob New York  
  Jacob Virginia family tradition only
check James Georgia see James NC
  James Maryland  
check James (7) Massachusetts Positive ID on 3
check James Massachusetts 1753-1838 wife: Mehitable Robinson & Mrs. Mary Monroe
check James Massachusetts 1755-   Wife: Mary Dick
check James Massachusetts 1742-1832 wife: Sally Josslyn & Mrs. Ann Hager
check James New Hampshire 1763-1848 wife: Mary Barnett
  James New Jersey  
  James New York  
check James North Carolina 1761-1839 wife Elizabeth Powell
  James(12-14) Pennsylvania Positive ID on 2
  James Pennsylvania 1738-1828 wife Martha Elliott
  James Pennsylvania 1760-1843  wife: Nancy Hunter
check James South Carolina 1735-1812 Wife: Margaret Junkins
check James South Carolina 1744-1816 wife: Jane Russell
check James Virginia 1752-1824 Wife: Unknown & Amelia Brayfield Hagerman
  James Virginia  
check Joel Massachusetts 1757-1839 wife: Polly Lawson
  John (4) Maryland  
  John (11) Massachusetts Positive ID on 2
  John Massachusetts 1743-1814 wife: Elizabeth Halbert
  John Massachusetts 1755-1779-85 wife: Jane Miller
check John New Hampshire 1718-1780 wife: Nancy Brown & Mary Freeman
  John(3) New Jersey  
  John(4 or 5) New York ID on 2 of them
  John New York 1720-1789 wife: Sarah Kelso
  John New York 1754-1826 wife: Jean Rogers
check John- North Carolina 1749-1819 m. Jean Gamble & Hananah Caruthers
  John(20-22) Pennsylvania Positive ID on 5
  John Pennsylvania  1737-1799 wife: Martha Laird
  John Pennsylvania  1754-1818 wife: Susannah Kelsey
  John Pennsylvania  1756-1830 wife: Eleanor Hamilton
  John Pennsylvania  1754-1810 Wife: Susannah Ewing
  John Pennsylvania  1740-1799 wife: Priscilla Davis & Frances ___
check John South Carolina 1764-1846 wife: Frances Hill
  John South Carolina  
  John(7) Virginia Positive ID on 5
  John Virginia 1762-1843 wife Martha Markin
  John Virginia c 1755 -1780 wife: None
  John Virginia 17??-1777 wife: Mary Darby & Sarah Mapp
  John Virginia c 1731/35 - 1808 wife: Jane Robertson
  John Virginia 1742-    Wife Esther ___
check Johnson Georgia 1748-c 1818 wife: Martha Roberson
  Jonathan New Jersey  
check Jonathan Pennsylvania     -1805 wife: Mary Bean
  Joseph(4) Massachusetts Positive ID on 1
check Joseph Massachusetts     - 1830 wife: Mercy Truant
check Joseph Pennsylvania  1762-1814 wife: Hannah Garrett
check Joseph Virginia 1756 - Wife: Eleanor ___
  Joseph Virginia 17??-1795  wife Alice/Alcy Mays
check Kelso New York 1750-1776 Wife: None known
  Matthew Maryland  
check Matthew Massachusetts 1732-1806 wife: None
  Peter Virginia  
check Randles Pennsylvania  1740/48-1813 wife: Charity Southard
check Reuben Massachusetts 1755-1834 wife: Susan Sheperd
check Reuben Massachusetts 1763-1956 wife: Tryphrena Moses & Hannah Noble
  Robert (5) Massachusetts Positive ID on 2
check Robert Massachusetts 1756-1837 wife: Elizabeth Harrington
check Robert Massachusetts 1720-1801 wife: Hannah Thompson
check Robert New Jersey 1748-1800 wife: Eleanor Sutphin
check Robert New Jersey 1762- 1841 wife; Mary Osborne
  Robert New Jersey  
check Robert New York 1744-1794 wife: Mary ___ & Lydia House
  Robert Pennsylvania  
  Robert(2) Virginia  
check Rufus Massachusetts 1758-1800 wife: Dolly Boies
  Samuel Georgia  
check Samuel Massachusetts 1743-1827 Wife: Margaret Smith & Mary ___
check Samuel(2) North Carolina  
  Samuel North Carolina 1759-1836 Wife: Mahala Cannon
  Samuel (6) Pennsylvania POSITIVE ID on 5
  Samuel Pennsylvania 1758-1825 wife: Rebecca Hetherington
  Samuel Pennsylvania 1738-1820 wife: Ann Young
  Samuel Pennsylvania 1741-1818 wife: Susan Shippen
  Samuel Pennsylvania 1757- 1833 wife: Mary Ward
  Samuel Pennsylvania 1765-1831 wife: Mary "Polly" Russell
  Samuel(3) Virginia Positive ID on 1
  Samuel Virginia 1750 - 1778 Wife: Florence ___
check Seth Massachusetts 1760-1852 wife: Hannah McAllister
check Solomon Massachusetts 1746 -1839 wife: None
  Stephen Massachusetts  
  Thomas New York  
check Thomas- North Carolina 1738-1825 Jane "Jean" Ruth McQuiston
  Thomas(5) Pennsylvania POSITIVE ID on 4
  Thomas Pennsylvania 1758-1814 wife: Eleanor Evans
  Thomas Pennsylvania 1735-1810 Wife: Susannah McClelland & Jane McClelland
  Thomas Pennsylvania 1756-1800 wife: Sarah Wolfe
  Thomas Pennsylvania 1757-1833 wife: name unknown but did marry
check Thomas South Carolina 1764-1836 wife: Jane Taylor
check Thomas South Carolina 1762-1840 wife; Margaret  Hussey & Rachel McGraw
check Timothy Massachusetts 1749-1836 wife Miriam Church
  Victor Massachusetts  
  Wade South Carolina  
check William Georgia c 1748-battle of Briar Creek GA. Wife: Sibbiah Earl
  William Delaware  
check William Maryland d. c. 1776 Wife Mary Hannah
check William Maryland 1730-1778 Wife:  Hannah Alexander
check William Maryland d. 1776 No wife proven
  William(4) Massachusetts  
check William New Hampshire 1750-1825 wife: Elizabeth Little
check William New Jersey 1754-1829 wife: Jane Mason
  William New Jersey  
  William New Jersey  
check William North Carolina 1759-1824 wife: Sarah Douglas
  William(9) Pennsylvania positive ID on 5
  William Pennsylvania    -1788 wife Hester ___
  William Pennsylvania 1729-1802 wife: Mary Cowan
  William Pennsylvania 1760-1792 wife: Sarah Holmes
  William Pennsylvania 1750? - 1789 wife: Sarah Sutter
  William Pennsylvania 1760-1840 wife: Catherine Evans
check William South Carolina 1731-1799 Wife: Phoebe Harris
  William(4) Virginia POSITIVE ID On 2
  William Virginia 1741-1784 wife: Elizabeth Downey
  William Virginia 1736-aft. 1816 wife: Mary ___
  David Virginia
  George Virginia
  James ?
  John Massachusetts
  John New York   
  John  Connecticut  
  Jonathan  Virginia  
  Robert  South Carolina  
check Thomas  North Carolina - 1807 wife: Rebecca Andrews
  Waid Blair South Carolina  
  William Blair  Massachusetts  

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