Blair Family Magazine CD (1983 - 2006)

The Blair Family Magazine CD (1983 - 2006) is available for shipment at this time. This CD contains digital reproductions, in Adobe format, of the first 96 issues (over 2040 pages) of the BSGR's quarterly newsletter. These issues were published and sent to its members and a host of genealogical libraries around the USA and in Canada, the UK and Australia in its first twenty-four years, from Spring 1983 to Winter 2006. Collectively, they contain a vast wealth of research information on a wide range of the various known lines of the Family of Blair. Because this anthology covers such a wide period of continuing research and new discoveries, many articles on some Blair family groups, some from the original Blair Magazine (1925 - 1931) and the others from the later Blair Family Magazine, were revised and republished. Annotations have been added to the CD to help point to the newer articles and add other salient facts.

The issues will require Acrobat Reader to view, which is included on each dick (if the user needs it). The complete Table of Contents of all issues have been put into Acrobat's Bookmark feature for rapid access of individual articles. Its Find and/or Search features can be used for very detailed boring down on specific words and subjects.

Every single page on this CD can be printed individually or in complete articles for retention in research files or for sending to others. However, this CD is projected by U. S. Copyright Law and so making duplicate copies of entire issues or of this disk are prohibited. Plans are being considered to update this collection every several years with the latest issues and additional annotations. Suggestions for annotations will be welcome from all Blair researchers.

This CD will be shipped in its own jewel case with an attractive cover. It is priced at $35.00 for BSGR members and $50.00 for non-members, plus $3.00 for postage handling per CD.

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